Firearms Development

We are constantly on the cutting edge of home firearms development, allowing you to stay knowledgeable and have access to the right to bear arms wherever you may be.

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3D-Printed Receivers

From rifles like the AR-15 to pistols like the Glock 17, Deterrence Dispensed has developed lower receivers for a myriad of guns. All you need are the parts.

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Firearms Accessories

A gun is rather useless without magazines and more. Deterrence Dispensed has developed magazines for rifles and pistols that can be homemade. Never be without one.

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The Crux

At DetDisp, we believe in the core principles of levelism – that all men and women deserve the opportunity to, should they so pursue it, be equally armed. As such, we decry any and all attempts to actively suppress civilian ownership of firearms.

DetDisp’s member base comprises a wide variety of people. Many nations, ideologies, religions, ethnicities, and orientations are represented, all unified behind a single coalesced goal: that of ensuring civilian ownership of firearms. In contrast to prior organizations, Deterrence Dispensed is decentralized and not formally organized, ensuring that no amount of suppression by proponents of gun control in governmental positions will be able to stop its releases.

To that end, Deterrence Dispensed has, since its inception, developed a wide variety of firearms technology, from pistol frames and rifle receivers to magazines, magazine extensions, and other pieces of technology. We will not stop our work in allowing freer access to firearms knowledge.

What next?

If you wish to help out, feel free to get in touch on our contact page.