Our Approach

Deterrence Dispensed as an organization continues to follow the ideals of the pioneers in 3D printed firearms that have preceded it. We believe that all men have a natural right to the information necessary to manufacture firearms.

Our Story

Deterrence Dispensed was formed as a response to the blockage of Defense Distributed’s release of 3D printed gun files by the lawsuits of multiple pro-gun control states. Where an organized company such as Defense Distributed had faltered, a decentralized organization such as DetDisp would be able to succeed. Since its inception, Deterrence Dispensed has been releasing open-source firearms knowledge to the public sphere and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Meet the Team

These three are only some of the many members of Deterrence Dispensed who have helped contribute to the glut of information the organization has released since being formed.



JStark’s latest work has been development of the legendary Shuty AP-9 into a weapon that can be made at home from parts that are not restricted anywhere in the world: the FGC-9. The FGC-9, when released, will be the gun to break the back of worldwide gun control for good.


Head of Public Relations

Ivan is the voice of Deterrence Dispensed, responsible for hosting the group’s primary filebase. He has also done an effective job at pissing off every major anti-gunner from New Jersey to California with his 3D-printed Glock magazines and electrochemically machined barrels.


Head of Reverse Engineering

FreeMenDontAsk is responsible for some of DetDisp’s most noted creations, including the “Ghetto Blaster” AB-10 lower receiver and multiple pistol frames, from the Glock 17 to the S&W M&P Shield. FMDA is the effective head of reverse engineering within DetDisp.

Next Steps…

If you have any thoughts about Deterrence Dispensed, or wish to contribute, please contact us through the points of contact on the “Contact Us” page.