Coming Soon: The PolyPlinker

While focus as of late has been on the future release of the FGC-9, as well as recent pistol frame releases, DetDisp member point9cmbenis has been hard at work creating a rather unique piece of hardware that will remind the public of the origin of 3D printed firearms.

That hardware is the PolyPlinker.

The PolyPlinker .22LR AR upper with a Warfairy Charon lower, CMMG magazine, and FOSSCAD foregrip.

The PolyPlinker was designed as a 3D-printable AR-15 upper receiver in .22LR, similar to the classic Ruger Charger and Ruger 10/22 receivers that have been successfully 3D printed in the past. Intended to fit any AR lower, the prototype PolyPlinker was far less aesthetic than the preproduction model shown here, but worked effectively when tested at the range. While the prototype used CMMG magazines, the preproduction model is intended for use with Smith and Wesson M&P-15/22 magazines, which are a more effective fit with the magazine well of the Charon lower the upper is attached to.

The PolyPlinker upper has sleek aesthetics, and in its current appearance as shown above produces an effective plinking rifle whose upper and lower receivers are entirely PETG plastic. The futuristic stylings of the PolyPlinker rifle very much resemble other ‘future’ guns, such as the P90(which the Charon lower is based off of), the Hi-Point 995TS, and H&K’s defunct XM8 series. Whether or not we’ll see a PolyPlinker in a movie down the line is another question entirely, but the point remains – as an AR upper, it is a spectacular harbinger of future advances in 3D printing technology, and a design that when released will put point9cmbenis on the map in the 3D gun world.

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