Virginia: A Study in Citizen Weakness

As NPR reported a scant few days ago, Virginia governor Ralph Northam has decided to fully take advantage of Democrat Party dominance in the state senate and house, planning on pressing forward with a host of horrific gun control legislation. Even after it was exposed that the disgraced governor had committed gross hypocrisy through wearing blackface multiple times in his young life while claiming to be a champion of minority rights, Northam’s attempt to push for a slew of new restrictions on the firearms world still proceeded onwards.

Why? What allowed a man who by all intents and purposes should have been forced out of power to gain such a prominent position within the gun control agenda? Because of a lack of hard oppositon.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states clearly and unequivocally that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms… shall not be infringed.” And yet on a regular basis across the Union, violation after violation of this simple statement is put forward and tolerated, nay, promoted by the dominant aspects of society.

The concept of using fearmongering and advancing the cause of tragedy to push gun control legislation is hardly new. Reagan and the Republicans in Congress singlehandedly destroyed the machine gun industry in 1986 through allowing Representative William J. Hughes’ amendment to the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 despite not a single mass shooting in the last fifty years occurring with a legally owned machine gun. Bill Clinton’s signing of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 deliberately chained civilian access to an entire spectrum of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. While one can argue how much the legislators in Congress fought to preserve the right of American citizens to have access to firearms, one thing is certain.

The people are not fighting hard enough.

In the end, we as citizens are the ones responsible for preserving our right to bear arms. The votes of those in Virginia allowed the Democrats to come into a position in which firearms rights in the state can be restricted. The votes of those in the country allowed the Assault Weapons Ban to be implemented – and the votes of those in the country allowed it to expire without renewal, a rare gain in gun rights. And the votes of those in the country allowed Congress to strip American citizens of their right to own fully automatic weapons, regardless of an invisible timestamp.

Americans are certainly better off than most of the world. Europeans, Oceanians, and most Asians have already gladly surrendered their right to bear arms in the name of a ‘safer’ and ‘more secure’ society, allowing themselves to be preyed upon by those who chose not to give up their guns. No candidates are promoting citizens’ right to arms. America still has the chance to politically reverse their fortunes, but not if tragedies like Virginia are allowed to repeat themselves.

Let us hope that they make the right decision.

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